Meet the Humbees - Humberstone House

Meet the Humbees

Sit back, relax with that cuppa, and allow us to tell you about a day in the life of the Humbees at Humberstone House. Our residents live an independent life in a safe environment. Absolute bliss!!!

Let’s start with Gareth. Gareth is a burger maker renowned at the house for his own secret ingredient to complete his amazing dish. After working a long day cleaning machinery, you will find Gareth dreaming big thoughts about owning his own business of washing cars. Starting with the neighbours as a practice run, he bought his own cleaning kit and now Gareth’s car wash is in the early stages of getting up and running.

Jade on the other hand is a natural born dancer; put the music on and there is no stopping Jade in his steps! Paramount for him is keeping the peace between his housemates, demonstrating what a wise and beautiful soul he is. And in the evenings, after spending many hours working at Oasis, you will find Jade enjoying his artwork.

While Gareth is cooking up a storm, Jade dancing like there is no tomorrow, Neil will be outside planting seedlings and tending to the garden. A joker most times with a sense of humour to lighten up the household. His love for animals, especially his dog Sammy, gives Neil enormous joy. As with Jade, Neil also works at Oasis and spends his time after hours listening to music.

The only girl in the household, Natalie, is no more than 5ft tall but what she may lack in height she makes up for in attitude. This young lady is not shy and will voice her opinion if the occasion calls for it. Working full time making gift bags for retail outlets, Natalie chatters away non-stop, planning to shop until she drops. Shoes are her passion.

When the evening arrives, Netflix is switched on, conversations start up, and the weekend ahead is planned in the greatest detail. The group’s enthusiasm to live life to its fullest, with not a care in the world, is magical.

“Let us not look at our weakness but instead focus on our strengths.”