Applications - Humberstone House

Application Process

There is currently space for 2 more residents.

Residents must meet two essential requirements:

  • Be engaged, and out of the house daily, in either sheltered employment or a protective workshop.
  • Be able to use public transport or transport provided by their place of employment (e.g. the Oasis bus passes within 50m of the house).

If you are considering applying and would like to hear more about Humberstone and the Resident Application process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


The monthly board and lodging cost is currently R9,000 and this is subject to increase each year at the Board’s discretion. The Board is committed to transparency and will share full details of the budgets with parents. A copy of the budget is available on request.

In addition to the monthly board and lodging fee, a deposit is payable on acceptance of placement. The monthly board and lodging cost covers all board and lodging costs and in-house group leisure activities excluding:

  • All medical costs
  • Personal expenses such as clothing, cell phones, toiletries, etc.
  • Long distance or cell phone calls to parents or family members
  • Cost of outings where entrance fees are involved e.g., ten-pin bowling, putt-putt, super tubes, Kirstenbosch gardens.
  • Any damage caused by a resident
  • Extraordinary costs incurred in the care or protection of the individual resident including special dietary requirements or any special equipment.
  • Transport costs to and from work